12 Easy Ways to Get Happy & Healthy



Making small changes rather than overhauling your lifestyle all at once can be easy by following these steps on this 12 months guide. These changes are meant to work together with each other, hold onto those from previous month and add each month's new habit to your daily routine.

 Jump Start the  New Year with the New You! 


Make space for positive mindset

The average person has an estimate 70,000 thoughts a day! Take a moment to think about the thoughts that run through your mind. Are they positive and uplifting? "Today is going to be an amazing day!" Or negative and self-defeating? "I don't have the energy to get through today."Let go of negative talk, limiting beliefs, comparing yourself to others, resisting change, and the need to be always right.


Sleep 7 to 8 hours 

Sleep is an crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Science has proven again and again how lack of  sleep increases disease risk including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and obstructive sleep apnea. Goodnight sleep helps in longevity of life and over all benefits include managing your appetite, strengthens immune system,  good sharp memory, creative thinking, and good skin.


Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary can assist you in tracking your meals. This is of the best way to count your calories and make conscious decisions around your food intake. Apps like MyFitnessPal are a great way to keep track of you each meal.


Go Sugarless

Say no to sugar! Fruits are good but anything packaged like bars, candies, chocolates are no go this month. High conceptions of packaged sugary foods like flavored waters, cereals, bars, are linked to increase in risk of heart disease. 


Signup for a new workout program

Programs help with keeping you committed and holding your accountable. When you join a new program, you most likely will stick to it. It takes few weeks for a body to get use  to a new excise program. You want to feel soreness and as soon as you stop feeling it, it's time to change it up.


No Junk food

Processed foods like cereals, packaged snacks, salts, chemicals, trans fats, and high corn syrup leads to diseases that cause obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. Avoid these by eliminating them completely and add more whole foods to detox your body.


Add Meditation to your daily routine

Meditation while breathing have amazing benefits like happier mood, deeper sleep, less anxiety, healthier heart, and better air intake. Many scientific researches have found meditation while breathing can add tremendous value to your over all health and feeling in control of your life.


Write a Gratitude journal daily

Giving thanks is more than just a polite move; it can transform your mood, outlook and health too. Count your blessings and write it down daily what you are thankful for. There is always something to be thankful for. What you focus on grows, so when you give thanks for the good you have, you will bring in more of it.


Drink warm lemon water every morning

Drinking a glass of warm lemon glass of water can do wonders for your body. It's not only a great way to detox but you lose weight. It helps to your juices flowing, burning calories all day long.


Learn something new

Wether it's joining a painting or running club, go out of your comfort zone. Hobbies or learning a new skill can really bring out the creative child in us which helps with good feeling hormones and we are more focused on the positives in our life.


Travel Solo

Traveling solo can assist you in understanding yourself from a  unusual angle. You will see the side of you that your did not know. The experience of traveling solo to a different country or city can be exciting yet a bit tense at times. How you handle it and make it through will give you confidence and can show you the strength you did not know you  had.


Walk 10,000 steps per day

Walking 10,000 steps a day is equal to 5 miles a day. According to Katy Bowman, a scientist and author  said, " Walking is a superfood. It's the defining movement of a human." Another study found that walking daily can reduce risk of heart diseases in men. Walking more will help you stay fit and sit less which add to weight gain and increase risk of diabetes. 

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