How to Ditch the Quick Fix Diet Mentality & Embrace Healthy Living


Want to hear something crazy? Last 3 years have been the first time in 15 years I haven’t been on a diet or thinking about how I need to go on one, South Beach, Whole30, cleanses, calorie counting, I’ve yo-yoed through them all. Health was never the goal; it was all about pounds, and how fast I could lose weight and be thin.

There was no normal with food and emotional well being. It consumed my life.Just walking past a burger place or a ice cream shop would make me feel deprived and depress. I would cook my own meals and would not eat anything that was pleasurable to taste. It’s depressing to think about how much time I’ve spent obsessing over food, assigning it moral values-good versus bad. Feeling constant desire, guilt, and regret. I was redesigned to spending my life feeling this way.

Then opportunity to go on a wellness journey came about. My emotional health was suffering. I felt intuitively that if i did not change my mindset, at the end i would suffer the consequences.

“When you tell yourself you’re on a diet, your brain believes it’s temporary and your habits will not change. Diets are bound to fail-unless they’re sustainable. Get out of quick-fix mentality and manage your expectations.

So I concentrated on listening to the voice in my head, my body, and feeling good emotionally, and not deprived. I upper my protein intake 30 grams a meal to help build muscle and committed to prepping healthy meals each week with whole foods and good fats.

I was sensible with my meals at home and at restaurants because an overindulgent meals means bloating. And most important to me, I stopped eating mindlessly. I was mostly eating vegetables, fruits, and good carbs with some fats.

After months of following my new routine filled with new eating and spending time journaling my thoughts and being kind and gentle to myself, I started to feel great and happy. I felt so healthy and vibrant.

I don’t think about food all the time and focus my energy into creativity and fun activities that brings me pleasure. I enjoy outdoors and writing. It’s a new way of life.