How to Boost Your Health & Emotional Well Being with Running


Why Run?

Running can score you a lean, healthy body, maximize your results and lift up your mood. I am an integrated nutritionist health coach. I have been running for few years now and I am sharing with you that running has helped me with emotional healing, uplifting my mood, and body confidence.

Most women get into running as a way to lose weight or shape up which is totally understandable: Running burns 100 calories per mile, building strong bones, and contrary to popular belief about wrecking your knees - can reduce your risk of arthritis. Plus, Danish researches found that just 1 to 2 hours of slow to moderate running a week can add 6 years to your life. A running habit also relieves stress and gives you opportunities to meet your personal goals and overcome challenges. "Almost every time you go outside for a run, you can accomplish something new," says Carl Leivers, a running coach-wether that's running an extra minute longer or tackling a hill without stopping.

According to experts, these few tips to keep in mind for best running days:

Don't run every day.

The trick is to find that sweet spot at which you run enough to spark changes but also give your body enough time in between to recover. For new runners, a goal of three runs a week is ideal. If you haven't exercised in years, try two runs a week, and the n increase gradually. 

Use your breath to find your pace.

Even Olympic runners spend a lot of time trying to get pacing just right. The " talk test" can help: Stay at a speed at which you can easily chat with a partner. If you're gasping for breath, slow down. If you can belt out a song, pick it up a bit. The idea is to finish each run wanting to do a little bit more or go a little bit faster.