5 Ways To Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You!

We've all been there. At some point or another, we've all spent too much time with people who bring us down, or wasted precious hours doing something that doesn't bring us joy. Sometimes we're in that negative mental space that makes us assume. " This is all I deserve." And that, my friends, is a terrible space to inhabit.

If you're spending time doing things that fill you with negative energy, you're going to carry that energy around throughout your day. You're going to remain in a funk throughout your life if you don't realize that your life is precious and finite, and that you're deserving of love. The most important person for you to take care of is yourself. Your family and friends are important, absolutely, but if you're not taking care of yourself, you won't be able to serve others as powerfully as you can.

Your values as a friend increases when you value yourself. If you want to be able to show up for those you love, fully energized and ready to serve, you must first recharge your batteries. Every time you say yes to something that doesn't deserve your time and attention, you're saying no to something that does. 

How do you pull yourself out of low self-worth? How do you finally let go of the habits and relationships that deplete you instead of nourish you? How do you develop your "no" muscles, when you're used to constantly saying "yes" to everything and everyone?





First, and most importantly, you must understand why you're letting go of an energy-drainer in your life. Once you know why, you can't return to ignorance. Learn to respect the value of your life. The people you love and need you to show up as your most authentic self, and in order to do this, you need to value your life and fill days with habits, ideas and people who are deserving of your attention. If people don't respect you, respect yourself enough to leave. Even more importantly, recognize that you are your own best friend. You deserve to make your life your masterpiece, and to find your tribe. Find those people, and those activities, and love them fiercely.


Now that you've been jettisoning the things that aren't serving you anymore, you may want to find some things you'd like to add to your life. If there's a particular activity you've been dying to try out, schedule some time for it. If there's someone who brings you joy whom you rarely get to see, plan a date with them and mark it on your calendar. If you'd rather just say "yes" to your pajamas, a glass of wine, a comfy couch, and your significant other, then do that. Whatever activity, habit, or presence you want more of in your life, you now have time for it, so listen to your intuition and pursue  that addition.


If you sense that something isn't serving you, you must take action on it. Start to practice being more selective about what you commit to and allow in your life. This could be something as small as media you read, the movies you watch, or the meals you eat. On the other hand, if you have a glaring energy-drainer begging to be taken off your schedule, start big! Tell the partying-planning committee that after the term, you're going to step down and let somebody else take the helm. Say 'no' to that "Friday-night concert if you'd rather stay in and watch a movie. If you have a group of friends those behavior is discouraging or draining, start backing away from that social circle.


Limiting beliefs are those you most likely learned in childhood from your parents or society, and they've been robbing you your entire life, These are beliefs like, I'm not beautiful, so I have to be funny to be worthy" or "I have to earn my worth through my achievements" or "I have to  conceal my emotions, always be strong, and focus totally on making money in order to be a real man". Limiting beliefs are what often detail us the most from our true purpose, and they also keep us in patterns that don't serve us anymore. Many of us think that we have to have a particular job because that's all we "deserve" or it's what we're "expected" to do. Limiting beliefs and convince you to believe such lies. What limiting beliefs have been holding you back? Become aware of them, release them, and you can change your life.


At first, it may feel funky to say "no" to opportunities that arise. Have you heard of FOMO (fear missing out)? It's a legitimate phenomenon that many people experience. I used to say yes to every networking event, or activity related to my business routines because I was worried that if I decline them, I'd be missing out on an opportunity to grow my business. Truthfully, the more I took part in things that didn't  really fill me up, the more this diminished the benefits of those things that actually would help my business. FOMO can easily take over, but recognize it for the sneaky trap it is and stay aligned with yourself.

Learning to let go of things that do no serve you will allow you to open up to the things that do, and your life will flourish. Take it slowly, and uncover just one thing that you want to leave behind. It is a belief? A person? A job? A commitment? Give yourself the gift of "no" and your life will finally begin to attract the energy that you truly deserve.

Be you!