Slay Belly Fat

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Your body is the most sophisticated machine ever created. It burns calories to help you perform all of your daily tasks, like standing up, thinking, and sleeping. So how do you become leaner and lose belly fat? It's the small things that really make the biggest differences. And over time, those tiny changes add up to a lean, toned body. 

Here are 5 instant changes you can make starting today, that will help your flat belly dreams become a reality. 

Sleep more at night

According to Harvard University study of more than 68,000 women found that those who sleep less than six hours a night weighted 5.4 pounds more than were 15 percent women who slept more than seven hours a night. When you sleep less, you experience a drop in the hormone  leptin, which controls your appetite, and an increase in the hormone gherkin-which makes you crave food. Researchers from Netherlands found that women who sleep less were rated less attractive and less healthy looking. Want to eat less and look better? Aim for eight hours of sleep a night and don't allow yourself to sleep for less than seven hours. 

Snack smarter

Snacks are a healthy part of any diet. But Purdue University researchers say the biggest problem with our snacking behavior is that snacks have become meals, and meals have become feasts. Enjoy your food but do it wisely. The lean and  nutritious snacks should include small portions, about an 100 calories and whole foods should be the first option. An apple, banana, or yogurt with nuts are your  better options. 

Load up on protein

Every time you eat a meal and don't consume protein, you're telling your body that you don't want to tighten your tummy. Carbohydrates are not bad. Neither are fats. But when you eat them alone, they set off a series of events that can sabotage your healthy eating habits. so wether you're snacking or eating a meal, include some protein and you'll drop a sizes and defeat stress.

Lift weights more often

Head to the gym three times a week-but don't make the cardio room your first priority. Instead, use the workouts with weights to fast track to fat loss. Just three days a week of resistance training will keep you burning calories and will often the metabolic boost you need to slash fat and look hot in any outfit. 

Worry less, eat less

Take a deep breath before you head into the kitchen to cook your next meal. As you know, the more stressed-out you are, the more comfort food you crave. This is because stress activates gherkin, a hormone that makes you feel hungry. The result; you don't achieve satisfaction from your meal, which leaves you craving more food. The stress in your body if like a light switch: It turns on and off very easily. Simply find 1 distraction that calms you down and within five to 10 minutes, your stress levels will decrease so you can enjoy your meal, without doubling back for more.

If these changes seem a little too easy, it's because having the body you've always wanted isn't as unrealistic as you've been led to believe. The real key to successful diet and exercise is cracking the consistency code.Once you find a way to turn these small changes into an over all lifestyle, that's when the fun begins.

Your life-changing journey begins now.

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