5 Mindful Daily Rituals for Happy Living

Mindful rituals can help in living life more meaningfully & consciously. It helps in making healthier happier choices. Living from an authentic self, we own our power. Only when we live from our true authentic self, we can be the butterfly who transforms from caterpillar and emerges to feeling free and ready to take over the world. Once we Let go of judgements, limiting beliefs, grudges & hatred, which are all dis-eases for human mind and body, we can heal our hearts and transform our lives. These are few daily mindful rituals which can help with calming the mind, staying positive and balance through out the day.

Morning Prayer/Meditation

Waking up in the state of gratitude can be quite healing to mind and soul. Thanking the Universe, the Creator for all that you have opens doors to more of what you want. A Thank you can go a long way. Give it a try.

Mood boosting music & exercise

Listening to uplifting music can change moods. Working out while listening to mood booster music can help in staying uplifted and positive. Running has been one of the best mood & confidence boosters for me. It has helped me stay motivated and gain believe in myself. Outdoor workouts have been proven to reduce stress & anxiety, and increase self confidence.

Healthy Nutritious Foods

Eating nutritious wholefoods can help heal body and mind from inside out. You are what you eat, and eating whole foods can keep you calm and in allignment with feeling good all day.

Balance Mindset

You know what they say, "It's all about the mindset". Mindset is the most important factor when it comes to living happy healthy life. Mindful and conscious living can only be practice with the healthy positive mindset. Keeping thoughts positive and only thinking about what you want and enjoy can help you eliminate negative thought patterns and unhealthy situations.

Balance lifestyle with mindful daily rituals can help in healing childhood traumas, gain self confidence, decrease in stress and anxiety.